I started my musical career as a trainee community musician at Wren music where I learned to run workshops to their high standards, since then I have run many hundreds of workshops.

Singing:  I have lead regular choirs and one off singing workshops.  My approach is always accessible, teaching by ear and providing music when appropriate.  The workshops are always fun, relaxed and tailored to the group whether they be young, old, experienced or singing for the first time.

Instrumental:  I have run workshops for mixed instruments with players of different levels.  I also run mandolin workshops at any level.  Again the workshops are always relaxed and friendly with participants surprised at what they are able to achieve.

Stepdancing:  I have run Dartmoor stepdance workshops at several festivals and for other groups.  I always explain the steps simply, progressing at an appropriate speed and making sure that everyone feels comfortable and as though they have learned something new.